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Sep 2, 2015

The Cosmosphere’s documentary lineup is adding a family of small, furry – and fiercely intelligent – creatures. Meerkats from National Geographic Studios, narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Emily Watson, the film takes audiences on a journey with a family of meerkats as they cope with the twists and turns of life in the Kalahari Desert.


Meerkats are squirrel-sized members of the mongoose family, known for their upright posture. When perched on their hind legs, as they are famed for doing, they stand 10-12 inches tall, allowing them to keep watch for predators across the southern African plains where they live. Their strength lies in their unique solidarity, which comes in handy for both hunting and protection, and their ability to communicate: there are 30 distinct calls in meerkat “vocabulary,” some as specific as “Danger from the air!”


The film begins as matriarch Klinky’s most recent litter emerges from the burrow for the first time. Klinky and her family, including elder children and regular babysitters Ms. Bean and Harry, must endure turf wars from rival families, attacks from vicious predators both large and small, and internal family turmoil. The survival of this clan hinges on the meerkat golden rule: Stick together, and keep calling.


The film was developed through a partnership between National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) and SKY3D in the UK and produced by Oxford Scientific Films in association with Principal Large Format with the assistance of Cambridge University for NGCI. Andrew Graham-Brown and Anne Sommerfield directed, with Caroline Hawkins as producer. Robin Cox was the cinematographer, and Phil Streather and Ralston Humble were stereographers. Renoir Tuahene was the film’s editor.


Meerkats joins the Cosmosphere’s documentary lineup in the Carey Digital Dome Theater September 3, 2015. Showtimes and ticket prices are available at cosmo.org